Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review


There are plenty of activity trackers, very few dedicated and designed for women. I mean half of the trackers are very bulky on the wrist, especially for ladies with a very small wrist. We have written a whole post dedicated to fitness trackers for women, and decided to have a detailed review for the bellabeat leaf urban.


The bellabeat leaf urban is a very attractive activity tracker that can be worn as necklace, or on your wrist or clip it anywhere on your clothes. The leaf urban looks like a stylish piece of jewelry than an activity tracker. However, it has the basic features of an activity tracker; it tracks down the activity, the steps taken and sleep quality. Also, when paired with the application the tracker tracks the menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

In this post, we will discuss in details the specification of the bellabeat leaf urban activity tracker.





If we can use only two words to describe the leaf urban, we would say it is a “smart jewelry”. The leaf urban is a second generation of the leaf product line. Compared to the original leaf, the leaf urban has a very smaller and lighter design. The leaf urban is made out of natural wood which makes it look very stylish.

The bellabeat leaf urban is made out of stainless steel and a wood and eco-plastic composite, and it is just 16.5g and 11.5mm thick.


The activity tracker comes in two styles: silver and rose gold. The leaf urban comes with a bracelet band to be worn on the wrist, and a necklace to have another option to wear it. Plus it can be clipped to your outfit as its leaf- shaped designed cutout acts as a clipper. All the hardware of the wearable is housed inside a small gray casing, which will be hidden with your clothes if you decided to wear it as a clipper and only the leaf cutout will be shown.


The leaf urban has no display, so to check your data you’ll need to view it at the application.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker | Silver

Tracking Features

The leaf urban tracker has a motion sensor that allows it to track activities in terms of steps taken and also sleeping pattern. Not only that, as we mentioned above the application helps tracking the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

You can also set vibrating alarm and idle alert to wake you up, or to set reminders when it comes to help you remembering your daily oral contraceptive or other events. Also, the tracker vibrates to show inactivity alerts for sedentary office workers

When it comes to tracking activities, the leaf urban provides you with accurate data. However, the leaf urban is not designed to match the needs of active women who want detailed movement and sport analysis like what they can get in a garmin tracker.

There are other activities that can be logged manually using the application ( while setting a start and finish time ) which will add up to your active minutes and the calorie burned such as aerobics and yoga.

When it comes to sleeping tracking, most people found that the leaf urban is very comfortable to wear during sleeping. the sleep tracking on the leaf urban happens automatically once you go to bed, which means you don’t need to manually log it in. The tracker gives you a very accurate sleeping data, however, there is an option to manually correct it through the application. To have a better and more accurate sleep analysis, it is recommended to wear the urban as a clip.

There are other strong features that make the leaf urban wearable outstand all other trackers and beat them when it comes to targeting women. The leaf urban has a menstrual cycle and fertility tracking features, which are important tracking features to all women to help tracking period days, fertile window and ovulation.

The tracker also has meditation/breathing exercises offered in the application to monitor your overall health being.

Battery life

The bellabeat leaf urban runs on a coin cell battery, which last between two to six months. That’s a very good thing which means you won’t go through the hustle of charging it.


Is the bellabeat leaf urban waterproof?

The bellabeat leaf urban is water resistant but not a water proof ; which means you can’t wear it while swimming or taking a bath.

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The application

The bellabeat app is very simple and easy to use. The application represents the daily collected data and compares it with the previous days of the week. It also provides you with insights related to activities and sleeping patterns, however, these insights are not customized to your own activities, which means that they are very general tips and insights. You can also set different alarms through the application as well.

As we said, the application is very simple to use and it represents your lifestyle data, your steps taken and your sleeping pattern. You can log in some additional data related to your extra working out sessions or edit your sleeping if it was not detected correctly.

One great thing you can do within the app is to log your period and have a monthly tracking window. The period tracking is very simple and similar to other period tracking apps where you log your start and finish day. It provides you with indication of when it will finish, your past and upcoming cycle, fertile days and your ovulation. We found it very good and easy to have all data related to your health and lifestyle at one place – nicely done bellabeat team ! –


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The bellabeat application


Also, the bellabeat app provide you with breathing and meditation exercises that helps you to relax and set some meditation goals to follow. The tracker doesn’t detect your breathing all the time, however, when you wear it on your wrist and start a breathing session it starts tracking your breathing. There are different meditation goals to hit, the application will coach you through each and every session. You can choose from 2-3 minutes right up to 10 minutes. It will display your breath in and out on the phone screen and you will be amazed of how accurate it is.

You need to know that bellabeat app is not community based, which means if you are looking to get connected with people to send and receive motivation then you might better look for something else.


Conclusion: Pros and Cons

The bellabeat leaf urban is a basic activity tracker, not targeting outdoor exercise enthusiasts. The tracker is good for you if you’re looking for an activity tracker that keeps you motivated while tracks your basic activity. It has a very nice design, and can be worn in different styles and we bet no one would actually tell that it’s an activity tracker. However, if you are looking for something that has more tracking features with heart rate monitors you can check the fitbit for other options.



  • Very stylish look
  • Tracks basic activity
  • Accurate sleep tracking
  • Easy to use application
  • Long battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Period and breathing tracking


  • No auto syncing
  • No GPS
  • No heart rate monitor
  • No LED display to view tracked data
  • No smartphone notification


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