Best Posture Corrector Tracker devices


Best Posture Corrector Wearables

I bet every one of us have heard their mothers yelling at them while growing up “ sit up straight, you will get your back hurt”. Things were easier back when we were young, we always had our moms looking out for us. However, this may not be the case anymore in our very adult lives.  When we spend many hours working on our laptops, playing with our phones we totally forget about our posture till we start feeling pain in our neck and shoulders. Which’ believe me when I say it’, it is not a very pleasant feeling at all. The back and nick pain that we all experience is the result of our life. It is impossible to quit our very tech oriented life style and the hours we spent socializing online. But what if instead we let the technology helps us ! ! ! Well, we got you covered, we have been digging around for posture corrector wearables, because we truly believe there is a super duper wearable for every issue we have. And we found the solution, posture corrector and tracker devices .

With the help of wearable tech, now you can enhance and correct your posture, whether you’re sitting or standing. These posture corrector werables will help you to correct your posture and relieve you from any future pain, we are still too young for that.

So, check these wearables that will help you to get a better posture and nag at you just like old days when our moms did the job.




UPRIGHT Go- Posture corrector wearable

Let’s start with the best of the best, the upright go posture tracker wearable. This little device got awarded the wearable tech winner of 2017, and we will tell you why.

The upright go is a small and discrete device that get attaches to the upper side of your back via a special hypoallergenic adhesive stickers that comes with it. The upright posture corrector is easy to use and attach, and it is very comfortable to wear all day long. The device wont show

The UPRIGHT Go attaches easily to your upper back.

under most of clothes, however, you can always wear a hoodie if you don’t like it but remember that health comes first.

The device will vibrate to alert you whenever you slouch, and you can adjust the vibration settings and intensity via the application. Not only that, the tracker monitor your posture through the day and show you statistics and data related to your posture. In the application, an avatar will give you a live look of your current posture along with information on the number of hours on the day you have been sitting.

If you are interested in this little device, you better check their 2018 deals UPRIGHT GO | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer with Free IOS and Android App



Lumo Lift posture and activity tracker

Lumo Lift – posture corrector and activity tracker

Lumo lift posture corrector is the second device in our list. It is a small device with a lightweight which makes it very comfortable. The device is worn below the collarbone and it is recommended to wear it with a very tight clothing so the sensor can be close to the body. , The lumo lift acts as posture corrector and an activity tracker as well, which makes it perfect if you don’t want to wear many wearables.

The device will vibrate to alert you once your body is in a bad posture. It also vibrates to let you know that you need to stretch your back. The device has a biomechanical sensors, and it’s based on registering the body movements. The Lumo Lift has an application that accompanies, the app is compatible with iOS devices and selected Android devices. On the application, you can see data related to your posture and your activities as in steps taken, distance walked and calorie burned.

You can check and read more about the device here Lumo Lift: The First Wearable Posture Coach.



ZIKTO Fitness – Posture Activity coach

ZIKTO Fitness – Posture Activity coach and tracker

The ZIKTO fitness tracker is both an activity and a posture tracking bracelet that provides you with an analysis of your walk and posture. The device looks like a standard fitness tracker bracelet that has its unique functions. The tracker will gently vibrate to alert you once it detects bad posture. It also detects body balance by comparing the swing of both arms. Not only that, it also functions as any other activity tracker and it tracks steps taken, calorie burned and sleep pattern as well. The device has an LED display that shows your calls and sms notifications.

You can monitor and view the collected data about your posture and balance in the app that can be downloaded on your phone. The ZIKTO posture tracker is splash proof, which means you can’t shower or swim while wearing it. The device’s battery can stay from 3-5 days depending on the usage.

You can get the device from the following link on Amazon: here , and read more about the tracker on its official website.



ALEX – Posture corrector and activity tracker neck-band

The last one on our list is the Alex N5 Haltung Tracker & Coach. This device is not a bracelet, not it gets attached to your body. It actually has a cool design because it looks like a you are wearing headphones, which makes it set very comfortably around the back of your neck. ALEX posture corrector device has a sensor around the back that allows it to measure the exact angle of the nick and head. The device vibrates to let you know that you are having a bad posture. The device tracks and monitor your progress, and you can always check your progress on the application. On the app, you can see your stats, history and progress you made. There is also a coaching feature that guides you by showing you correct postures and gives you exercises to do. ALEX is not only good in correcting your posture, but it also keeps you active as it alerts you if you have been in active for a while. You can get the device on Amazon.


If you are suffering from back or neck issues, we really think that getting one of these devices worth the investment.  A good posture means better health, we spent hours craning over our phones. You just need to track your posture and correct the way you sit and stand to guarantee a better health.


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