FitBit Charge VS FitBit Flex- Review


FitBit Charge VS FitBit Flex

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, I can tell you are at the right place. And if you are looking for a fitbit brand fitness tracker, YOU ARE definitely at the right place. FitBit has produced so many great fitness tracking devices that looks good and function very well. Their products varied from one to another in features and prices as well. In this post we will be comparing the two famous FitBit products; FitBit Charge and FitBit flex. They are both fitness tracker band that accurately track your all-day activities. Both are very comfortable bands to wear all day long, whether at home, college or at work. Wearing the band motivates you to be more fit and makes bitter choices when it comes to your body. Since you will be monitoring your activities and your food, you will be more motivated to keep yourself on the track.Especially if you have other FitBit- friends to compete with and share your progress.

If you are interested in knowing the detailed features of each of the two devices keep on reading, or scroll to the end to find a summarize table.

FitBit Charge

 The fitbit charge is a wireless activity tracker or in the form of a wristband. The band tracks your day-to-day activity and records them. The fitbit charge tracks your steps, distance, floors climbed, calorie burned and active minutes. What is amazing about this wristband is that you can stay connected throughout the day, and monitor your fitness stats. You can set goals and be motivated to achieve them or you can invite your fitbit-buddies and enjoy a challenge with them. In the fitbit app you can monitor your daily, monthly or weekly progress and analyze your data. You will also earn badges once you complete a certain goal and achieved a target.


FitBit Charge Features

    • Tracks the daily activity and counts steps, distance, floors climbed, calorie burned and active minutes
    • Bright OLED Display that displays time date, and all your activity stats
    • Tracks the sleeping habits and records wake up time and sleeping time
    • Set a silent alarm that wakes you up by vibrating
    • Record your workouts in exercising mode
    • Displays all you incoming calls by showing the caller id
    • In the fitbit application you can
      • Set different goals to be achieved; for example 10,000 steps daily
      • Monitor your workout and activities and analyze them
      • Log food and drinks
      • Monitor your sleeping habits and analyze how well you sleep
      • Earn badges once you have accomplished a goal
      • Invite friends and have challenges with them
    • All-day wear; a comfortable band to wear all the time.
    • Available colours: Black and Slate
    • Sync data wirelessly and automatically
    • Sync to computers, iOS and Android devices.
    • Water splash resistantFor more details – Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large


FitBit Flex

The fitbit flex is fitness tracker as well, that is designed in a slim and fashionable way. It is a wireless activity tracker and sleep tracker that you can wear all the day and feeling comfortable. During the day the fitbit flex tracks your active moments; the steps, distance and calorie burned. At night, it monitor and record your sleeping habits to analyze it later. Also, you can set a silent alarm that wakes you up by vibration; which we have found great especially if you’re sleeping with a partner or you hate that annoying alarm of yours. The flex has a LED display that shows you how much progress you made toward your goal by lighting up. Which works as a great motivation ,too.

Now, lets move to the amazing and significant features that this beauty has.

FitBit Flex Features

  • Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.
  • Monitor your sleeping habits; how well and long you have slept
  • You can set a silent alarm to wake you up
  • LED’S light up showing the progress you have made towards your goals
  • Has a Slim and a comfortable design
  • Sync data wirelessly and automatically
  • Sync to computers, iOS and Android devices.
  • Water resistant to 10 meters
  • Removable tracker; which means you can change the band and wear different colors

    For more details see
    Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Blackbuy1._V192207739_

So, after all of that being said, you might still wonder what is the key differences between the fitbit charge and flex. Look at the”FitBit charge VS FitBit Flex”  table below to understand that.



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Common Questions about FitBit

Q – Can you track a specific time period on the Fitbit i.e. a run or walk?

Yes, you can log your different activities and workout once you start and finish

Q – Can I swim with a fitbit flex ?

Yes you can swim with it and wear it in the pool however the fitbit flex is not designed to record swimming

Q -Does the fitbit flex come with the charger, or is the charger purchased separately?

Yes. All fitBit devices comes with a charger

Q- Does the FitBit flex tell you the time or distance ?

The fitbit flex does not tell the time or show any data; you have to sync with the fitbit dashboard to view and monitor your recorded data. However, the fitbit charge does tell you and display the time,date,steps,floors and calorie burned on its OLED display.

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