Jawbone UP 2 Review


Jawbone UP 2 Review

Jawbone is famously known for its wearable products, it is one of the companies that enhances our health through their products. If you have heard or seen Jawbone products you would notice that their fitness trackers are fashionable compared to other brands.

In this post, we will introduce to you the Jawbone up 2 trackers. Some of you might already know that the up2 is out in the market in two different designs, and the newer design is just so cool. However, in our post we will be explaining the design of the new one but they share the same features.

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“Wear it fashionably” is the slogan of the new designed Jawbone up 2, and we have to admit it is for sure a fashionable band and a fitness tracker. It will make you feel good wearing it; especially for the ladies out there.

The up2 is slim and lightweight which make it comfortable. it has two small straps with a hook on one of them, that is being hooked to an adjustable bar. This design adds more security to the band, so it won’t fell off your wrist. The Jawbone Up2 comes in different colors to choose that one that fits you the best. The band comes in one size that fits everyone (wrist sizes ranging 140mm–190mm).


The Up 2 tracker from Jawbone is known for its simple and comfortable use. It is in a form of a wristband, and it tracks your active and inactive moments. The tracker tracks your steps, the distance walked and calorie burned. Not only that, the jawbone up 2 also tracks your sleep automatically; which means it automatically detects your sleeping and awake periods. Which we find as a great added feature because it is so difficult to remember to log in your sleeping hour manually. The band also has a smart silent alarm feature; which means it will vibrates to wake you up within 30-minute window prior to the time you set. For example; if you set an alarm to wake you up at 6:00 am , the jawbone up2 will vibrates somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00 in your best time according to your sleeping pattern.

What is great about using Jawbone Up 2 is that it will not only track your active moments, but it will also reminds you to get active and move around once you have been still for a specified period of time. Not only that, the jawbone up 2 acts as your coach and gives you tips, insights and personalized guidance to improve your fitness.

The band is said to be a splash proof, which means you cannot wear it while swimming or showering. And its battery life lasts for 10 days.



Jawbone is known for its software UP, it is one of the best fitness application in the market. The application allows you to easily track and analyze your data. Also, it allows you to log in your foods and drinks. Aside from tracking your activities and sleeping behaviors, the app also gives you personalized tips and insights. Other than that, the application can also connects with a third-part app like MyFitnessPal.


Now, here is a summary for all what we have said.

  • Jawbone up2 is a fashionable tracker
  • Slim and light weight design
  • Comes in different colors
  • Tracks steps, distance and calorie burned
  • Automatically tracks sleeping hours
  • Smart silent alarm that vibrates
  • Idl notification to keep you active
  • Personalized guidance and tips from smart coach
  • Food and drinks logging
  • Splash proof
  • Battery up to 10 days
  • Sync wirelessly



  • Way more fashionable than any other tracker, and it has the basic features of a fitness tracker.
  • More secured than the old design
  • Great battery life : up to 10 days



  • Sleep detection may not be completely accurate since it lacks a heart rate sensors.
  • The band can’t be worn during swimming
  • The band does not have a display


The price

The band is sold out at $99.99 ; which we consider a fair price compared to its design and features.


Commons Questions

  • Does the Jawbone up 2 records steps climbed?

No the up 2 only records steps and distance walked.

  • Does it have a watch, or tells you the time?

No, the Jawbone Up 2 does not have any displays.

  • Does the Jawbone Up 2 alarm wake you up in your lightest sleeping cycle?

No, the Up 2 doesn’t provide an advanced sleeping Details such as: REM, light and deep sleep.


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